Oh thank you for letting the holidays be over!

I do not like Christmas. It does not mean a joyous good time. It means let’s-see-how-much-crap-we-can-cram-in, in additional to our ordinary lives. There is present buying, with money you don’t have. Trips all over to visit family and far-off friends and in my case, taking on a million projects and then stressing to finish them all. These activities are supposed to bring happiness, but all I know is that I feel dread as they approach.
Somehow, I manage to pull it all together. Or at least have allowed myself some lee-way. Gifts are no long wrapped perfectly with hand-crafted tags; the house is not perfectly clean. We went out for wings for Christmas dinner and it was glorious. As a matter of fact, the actual Christmas day was perfect. I love when there are barely any cars on the road and the world seems like it is just ours. It was relaxing. Oh, how that doesn’t come frequently enough!

It is already the end of January. 2011 is in full swing. I’ve resolved to prioritize, do things smarter. I’ve begun looking at things in a different way and breaking them down to reasonable tasks instead of one more deadline looming over my head. Instead of thinking: I have X, Y and Z to do, I have just been working on them bit by bit. I am surprisingly getting more done. I guess my actual resolution is to find more of that peace and relaxation that has eluded me for so long.


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