I’m going to try something a little different.

As my past track record has shown, I’m super bad at blogging. I’m always worried I won’t have enough to say or anything interesting to say {which is true for me in real life too.} Except 2 things happened fairly recently that made me start looking at myself a little differently.

1.) About a month ago, Donna on Funky Junk’s blog http://www.facebook.com/FunkyJunkInteriors challenged her readers to start doing something they were scared of. Yuck. I knew I was scared of writing. I have always been awful at writing in journals too. I make excuses. But when you own a small business, I’ve been told it’s important to get yourself out there any way you can. The less expensive the better. Yes, the world is filled with now millions of blogs and mine is not deeply unique from all the others. If no one even reads this, I had decided I was fine with that. If anything I can look back on all this to see all the awesome projects I’ve accomplished and have it documented. Which leads me to #2.

2.) I realized, I am pretty friggen’ good at A LOT of things. I say this confidently, because in the past I haven’t been so confident about my abilities. I always downplay what I can do. It makes me uncomfortable to talk about myself. God forbid I get some recognition, because something wonderful might start to happen. And that is what has been holding me back. Fear. Yeah, not good. But after you haul 65 sheets of drywall with your husband up a set of stairs in 50 minutes (because you can only have the Lowe’s truck for 70 min. which includes drive time) and you learn how to mud and tape corners on drywall because your husband is busy installing a tub and laying a tile floor and the remodel has to be completed ASAP to get the house rented out, you start thinking “Well if I can do that, what ELSE can I do?”

You see where I’m going here. Even so, it has taken me weeks to get going. And now I’ve drug it out long enough and I’m just forcing myself to post. Instead of just focusing on one thing (which I find hard to do) , this blog will be about my love of re-doing furniture, making over trash into treasure , crafty goodness, my invitations business: dfmi designs, along with all the fun stuff I list on my etsy store, http://www.etsy.com/shop/dfmidesigns , and of course stories about my family. Hopefully, if anything this blog will provide you with a little inspiration to try something new or to find a new use for something old that might otherwise have gotten thrown out.

So without further ado, here’s a little project I did a couple months ago. While out having lunch in Italian Village, I spotted a old metal prep table out back by the dumpster of the sandwich shop. At the time it was pretty lopsided and looked like too much weight had caused the shelf to fall down. Plus, the tables feet were broken. My husband being the sweet man he is, helped me load it up and bring it home. After some scrubbing, pounding back into place and leveling the feet, it wasn’t looking too bad. Adding metal wire baskets bought cheap from Habitat Re-use It store (love it there!) and it has a cool industrial feel for our shoes.



One Comment to “I’m going to try something a little different.”

  1. You are awesome! Love the table and happy to see you blogging again. 🙂

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