Welcome Home!

The things I enjoyed as a child are oddly enough the same stuff that I find that I still enjoy doing as an adult. Somewhere along the way, I stopped, because I guess I thought I was supposed to. To grow up, be an adult, be serious, make money, pay bills. I have found though, that a lot of that last sentence sucks and eventually it actually sucks the joy out of your life, if you let it. There is no point of depriving yourself of the things you love doing because it may be frowned upon. As long as you aren’t harming yourself or others, ultimately, allowing yourself to be who you are is going to make you happier to be around. It will make your partner happier and your kids and basically everyone else you come in contact with.

For years I wanted to make banners. All I could ever find at the store is gaudy, shiny-looking cut out letters or hearts, not very fitting for what I wanted to decorate a party with. But it wasn’t just that. You know the feeling of excitement that you get when you walk into a decorated room for a party? Whether it be Halloween, or a birthday, whatever. Someone made the effort to make it special and take it to a whole other level. The room is no longer a living room or a basement or a VW Hall. It’s now alive with balloons and steamers or spooky with cobwebs and hanging skeletons.

I wanted that feeling all.the.time. I wanted a banner hanging in my house year-round.
Yet I held back. What if people thought I was stupid? I’m rebellious, but this might be a bit much even for me. At the time, I didn’t even have kids. I told myself it was silly and pushed it deep down. For like 6 years I held back. Just like anything you push down deep, it resurfaces again and again until you deal with it. Damn those craft-making urges I have! For wanting to feel mini child-like wonder every time I walk around my house. I want warm and welcoming, fun and colorful. I want every person that steps through the door of my home, to feel happiness surround them.

So now, I make banners. Personalized ones with peoples names for birthdays or for anniversaries or because they got a promotion or because it’s Fall. Life is hard a lot times, but it’s all the little victories that get us through, that deserve recognition and to be celebrated! The banners sell well and they make me super happy, while making others feel special. My clients love them! And that sassy little girl inside of me says “It’s about time you started listening to me.”


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