Whew! So thankful for a holiday weekend.

The last couple weeks have been trying to do me in for sure. This past Friday, when I thought “Hooray! I finally got Arden to school early!” By early, I mean 7 minutes before the final bell rings as opposed to the usual 3. We get out of the car only to discover, we (both her & I) had forgotten to bring her backpack, which contains her lunch and turn-in folder for her teacher. Sigh. Now I must explain to the teacher that I am a dolt. I glance over to a SUV that pulls along side ours. Out piles a dad with his 3 young sons. The one boy I recognize from Arden’s class. He has cool hair and I like his name. I try to smile at him, but I think he’s silently judging me. Of course, they all of have their backpacks. Ugh. I seriously need to get it together.

After finally dropping off the tardy backpack, I attempt to start my day. I used to have a set schedule. Arden and I would go look at the garden in the morning, pull weeds and water it. We ate breakfast. Then I get started on my work and her on play. Now everything is chaotic. I’m rushing to pack her food when I make my husband’s lunch. I actually have to fix my hair and put on make up first thing, instead of whenever I normally get to it. I’m not very good with change. I’m slow to adjust. I used to say it’s like I’m 80, but I met one older lady who embraces change with much more enthusiasm than I do.

The day flies by and I find myself rushing to take photos of orders to send to Etsy clients before they get mailed out. I’m outside in the backyard for the natural light when a little face peeks under the fence and distinctly hear a plaintive mewing. Ugh! I realize I forgot to feed the feral cat. She arrives every morning, climbing down from the tree that overhangs the rooftop of our garage, sits outside the kitchen window and waits to be fed. We call her Sunshine, though she is anything but friendly. This is as close as she’d gotten to me, so she must be hungry. I quickly grab her some leftovers as it dawns on me that the garden never got watered. Sigh. I scramble inside to pack up orders to make it to pick up the kid on time.

One day after school, I arrived a few minutes late.  Which, I didn’t think was that bad. It turned out that she was the last child in her class waiting and she wasn’t pleased. After getting a talking to from a 5-year-old on taking too long (Whatever, Pot.) I make an effort to get there early. Six kids along with the teacher are waiting up against the brick building and Arden beams when she sees me. The poor boys remaining look woebegone in the heat, while Arden is triumphant. She grins up at me as we walk back to the car. I can’t help but feel a sense of pride and accomplishment that I finally got something right.




Hayden Falls located at Griggs Reservoir. Attempt to de-stress.

Hayden Falls located at Griggs Reservoir. Attempt to de-stress.

View of rocks near Hayden Run Waterfall.

View of rocks near Hayden Run Waterfall.


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