Always looking for a deal!

One of our favorite things to do on the weekend is go to yard sales. When I say we, I mean Arden and I. Joel is always with us, but I’m pretty sure he could take it or leave it, as most of the time he doesn’t find the awesome-ness that we do. As soon as the weather starts warming, we are up and at them every Saturday. A few weeks ago, I happened across a total goldmine! The best sale I had seen yet. A church rummage sale over on the outskirts of campus. We had already been out and about and were heading home when I spotted this one. Despite being famished from our already extensive ‘saleing, Joel being the sweetest and most patient man ever, kindly obliged and pulled over.

As soon as I strode up, a friendly-looking girl working the sale came over to me. She spoke in hushed tones, letting me in on an apparent secret that a generous lady had donated a bunch of Abercrombie clothes. Saying that I could stuff whatever I wanted in a paper grocery bag for five bucks. Seriously?! Woo-hoo! She didn’t need to say more, ’cause I was off! In retrospect, I definitely should have packed my bag better, but I already felt like I was getting away with something bad and didn’t want to be greedy.

Kids clothes were separate and not as plentiful, but also the same price. This time I didn’t hesitate. If it was cute and Arden could wear it at some point in her during her childhood, then it was stuffed in the bag. The check out workers chuckled to themselves as I went to town on the clothing pile. They remarked later how I was so focused. I was getting tan from the sun, it was incredibly hot and I was about to pass out from hunger and heat, but I was so pleased with myself.

Here’s a list of my haul. Not bad for $12.00! (2 dresses were purchased at a different sale)

for me:
5 dresses (2 of which were Abercrombie and still had tags)
5 tops
1 skirt

for arden:
12 tops
1 pair of jeans
1 dress
2 pairs of shorts
6 pairs of tights
3 pairs of socks

Full view of our stash!

Full view of our stash!

Rummage sale clothes dress 1 copy

The star, showing off her new shirt. She did our hair and make-up for this fashion show

Me looking like a clown. (Many thanks to the jokester that bought Arden makeup for her birthday. )

Me looking like a clown. (Many thanks to the jokester that bought Arden makeup for her birthday. )


One Comment to “Always looking for a deal!”

  1. lol Impressive haul! And I love the photo of you two beauties 🙂

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