*~Happy Birthday to my Husband~* + Hallie : Week 3

Today is Joel’s 30th birthday and I think despite me mentioning that we have such a huge age gap, it doesn’t really hit home until people see it in print.
(I understand.) He is definitely capable way beyond his years. It’s probably unfair, but in my mind there isn’t anything he cannot do. To be generous he avoids tasks like cooking, baking, making invitations and decorating, so I can reach for some of the glory and feel good about myself too. Seriously though, when it comes to fixing things or building things or figuring out things, he is your man. I mean for example, he built me a new computer, because mine was on it’s last leg and made hungry animals grinding sounds. He actually went to Micro Center, purchased all the parts to build me a tower and sat on the floor and built it. I didn’t even know regular people could do that. Apparently, when he was 14, he built a computer that was cooled by water. This may mean nothing to you, but I’m impressed. This guy’s skills come super in handy at Hallie, because there is an abundance of mess that needs fixed.

I mentioned in a previous post that the water pipe for the Duplex was ripped off at ground level. Below are some photos of Joel replacing all the pipe so we can have a new meter put in.

1.) Break-ups cement, make a clean cut through the pipe (so it’s not bent anymore.)
2.) He adds on compression fittings to connect new and old pipe. All to the specifications of the water company.
3.) Fits on spud connectors.
4.) Ready for new water meter.

Ready for the meter copy

Unfortunately, even though this all went in without a hitch, when the water man arrived the next day, there was yet again more drama of not being able to locate our water main line to be able to turn it on and other folks would have to come out and to make a long story short, it’s still not on. On Friday, they are supposed to be coming out again and fingers crossed, because this has drug out far too long.

1.) Siding painted in the front. Joel deems the sprayer ‘magical’ as the task was completed in 10 minutes, as opposed to the half hour it took me to prime the one side of the porch.
2.) Siding and trim was replaced all along the porch sides and ceiling.
3.) Bushes were planted in front and sides of duplex.
4.) Railing put in.

At this point, I’ve become a little downtrodden because the more new we put up, the more glaringly obvious it become with all the other tasks that need done. Among those needed is a process called tuck pointing (replacing all the lost mortar in between the bricks), power washing the outside, replacing the rest of the railings, putting in crown around the pillars and painting the ledges. Most of all, I want to take down the darn boards covering the windows, but we are just so up in the air if it’s a good time to yet or not. Thankfully, we had an awesome day today we took off to celebrate. (I’m not sure who had more fun for his birthday him or me.) It’s going to be difficult getting back to the grind tomorrow.

Hallie the Duplex Week 3 railing and landscaping copy

Hallie the Duplex Week 3 front with blue siding copy


7 Comments to “*~Happy Birthday to my Husband~* + Hallie : Week 3”

  1. Awesome! Joel is super handy! I am still grateful for that time he fixed my dryer. 🙂 Love seeing your little helper as well. And will there be a post on the magical birthday adventure?

  2. You give me too much credit! If only everyone could see Erin behind the scenes; then they would be amazed!

  3. I agree that Erin is equally ridiculously amazing and awesome! 🙂 Put you two together and…well…. WATCH OUT WORLD! 🙂

  4. OMG! You guys are too much! Totally embarrassed.

  5. Yes! Mission.accomplished.

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