The Importance of Friends

Making friends as a child is fairly simple. The kids I went to school with were practically always the same year after year. It was easy to have things in common, we all went to school, lived in the same town, liked recess and our parents just didn’t understand. We ruled our own little world and that world was pretty limited.

The older a person gets, the harder it becomes. Sure, you can meet a potential friend at work or the gym or some other activity that you both engage in. Now though, the initial interview becomes more complex. You can’t just play on the swings then invite someone over for a sleepover. It’s not as easy as saying ‘You wanna be my friend?’ There is LIFE and it complicates things. As an adult, I’ve become much more selective. I don’t want to hang out with people just to be around someone. I don’t want to sit across them wishing I could run.

I need to have a connection, a common thread. I was just saying to Joel last night how interesting it is with my bookclub, for example. What started out as a large group quickly dwindled by the next couple meetings. By the 6th month in, it was just the 6 of us. Despite the fact we (mostly me) don’t make a very huge effort to read the book, we still get together every month. To talk, to eat, to laugh. We are all vastly different. Different jobs, economic backgrounds, interests, families. What we do share is a dry, witty sense of humor. We can speak our mind and say completely inappropriate things. We call each other out and hold each other accountable for our shortcomings. It’s awesome.

They, along with my other friends have been with me through thick and thin and for that I am thankful. A friendship takes effort. It takes a willingness to give, understanding, support and not always getting to be right. It takes accepting someone flaws and quirks because you, yourself are not perfect. And while you may not always agree with what a person does or the choices they make, I have learned, that true friends stick by each other no matter what.

All photos taken by Lisa Penzone of Pellegrini Penzone Photography.

My best friend Amy

Wedding group phot with Julie & Laura and their families

The Bookclub Girls

Wedding group photo with Beth and Harry copy

Wedding photo Michelle and Bryant


3 Comments to “The Importance of Friends”

  1. awww…I love the pics!! (honored to be inc…I really needed that rignt now!!!

  2. Awww! I agree that it is super hard as an adult to make friends! Heck, we’re both such introverts that it makes me wonder if we would even BE friends if we didn’t meet so young. I’m glad we did! Old friends are the best. ❤

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