Food on the Move : Columbus Food Trucks

If you are not familiar with Columbus’ Food truck scene, you are missing out.
Fast and affordable, these mobile chefs have so much to offer. Joel and I were getting adventurous with food trucks before they were popular, but now there is so much more variety to chose from. This may not apply to you, but for me I am easily daunted by trying out ethic-inspired restaurants, only to find after I’ve gotten the meal that I don’t like it. Figure in a family, plus tip and it feels like a wasted endeavor. I find food trucks so appealing because every thing is simple. Their small menus are written out, detailing the real and fresh ingredients of each item. You can try several dishes, without breaking the bank and best of all they are kid-friendly. Keeping Arden contained in a car seat to enjoy a meal has proven much more effective than trying to drag her out from under a table and keep her from eating the ABC gum.

Places like Dinin’ Hall in Franklinton, 400 W. Rich (right next to downtown) offers a common ground for food trucks to meet through the week. Not only does it provide recognition for up and comers, they provide a welcoming spot that they’ve carved out of an abandoned industrial building for folks to grab a bite inside or out. Their website explains the ordering process, as well as provides a monthly schedule of the trucks lining up to feed Columbus folks.

If you don’t live or work near downtown, here’s some other ways to track down tasty eats.


2.) These first two allow you to search for trucks by choosing a city.
Next a map will open up, showing who is serving during
that day and where they are located. Be sure to check the times they are operational, it fluctuates.
(For you folks that don’t live in C-Bus, try it out for your city too.)

3.) Facebook or Twitter. Don’t have time to stop, but see a truck you’d like to try? Chances are they have some sort of social media presence. Look them up and track em’ down.


Our Favorites!

An eclectic mix : Try the panko breaded chicken croquette sandwich and fresh cut fries. (OMG! SOOO good!)
Location : On the move, but post locations on Facebook. (Usually the night before.)

Latin Fusion : Try the empanadas or the Californian (this guy’s sauces are amazing!)
Location : On the move, but can frequently be found at 3000 Morse road in front of Ohio Academy.

Potatoes: Specifically hand-cut fries with all sorts of toppings.
(Joel and I tried some loaded with meat & cheese and it was more than a meal. We were in a delicious food coma!)
Location : On the move, but does post locations on Facebook.

Located: 2619 high street (behind ace of cups)
BBQ : Yum! tasty brisket!

Located : 3867 Indianola (in the parking lot of Keith’s Service Center, across from Marzetti’s)
Seafood : I enjoyed their shrimp po’boy sandwich.

Located : 3166 N. High Street. Corner of Pacemont & High (on the side of convenience store)
Fried Chicken : Get it WITH the honey sauce drizzled on top. Believe me, it’s a mistake not to!

We also have a no-name, obscure little truck we LOVE for tacos. The best we have had by far!
Located out on the West Side by James Road, across from the CVS. Sometimes it’s open. Sometimes it’s not.
(I know, not very helpful.)

We’ve just had the most enjoyable experiences with these trucks. The people are so super nice.
Everyone is always so gracious and thankful that you took the time to come by and support them.
So the next time you want something different, try a food truck and support local!


One Comment to “Food on the Move : Columbus Food Trucks”

  1. I wish this trend would catch on in Mobile. We are so behind the times!

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