I’ve gotta up my game.

When I was in 3rd grade, our teacher did a thing for each student called “Your Special Day’ and it would be a surprise. We would all color that person a picture and make a book. Then their family would come in and show pictures of them as babies, tell funny stories and the class would laugh. Your friends would stand up and tell about your favorite things and then we would all eat treats. It was awesome.

I had been trying since the beginning of the school year to get picked for the task of ‘Errands’. I wanted it desperately. To escape from the classroom and be on important mission. Then finally it happened. I got picked. I had to take a note to the 5th grade class teacher. It was awkward standing in front of the older kids while the teacher took her sweet time replying. I shifted my weight back and forth to each foot now eagerly wanting to leave. Once I returned to my class, everyone’s head was bend hard at work coloring and I KNEW.

It was MY Special Day.

Being so sassy, I said to my teacher “What should I be coloring?”
Yeah, I was a pain.
I got it from my dad, my eye for detail. It serves me well as an adult. But if I wanted to get away with something when I was younger, I had to work REALLY hard at it. Videotape #’s had to be recorded at the exact number they started in the VCR, that way they could be rewound exactly to the right spot he left them. I learned a cold, wet towel kept on the back of the console would defer the heat the tv put off while on. Which really came in handy if my step-brother and I would be watching the tv in the living room and we weren’t supposed to be. My dad would always check when he came home.

So it’s only fitting that now as I try to think of ways to move Arden’s ‘Elf on the Shelf’ around that she of course, calls me on it. I got the elf out yesterday, while she was at school. I sewed it a little skirt and put a button on it’s hat, so it could be a GIRL ELF. I put it in the basket along with my stuffed animal collection (they are cooler than it sounds, not just any stuffed animals will do.) To finish off my ensemble, I made a tiny card. (Actually, I made 3, because I kept messing up writing so small.) I set it on the Elf’s lap until Arden arrived home from school and I couldn’t help but point it out.

note from sassafras copy

She was thrilled. But she noticed immediately that the Elf’s skirt was made out of material I owned. She was fired up and said “That Elf should have asked first!” (LOL) When I said it was okay, then she wanted me to read the card. It said :

Hello Arden,
My name is Sassafras. I’m Santa’s little elf.
I heard you are trying to be good, but I came to see for myself.
You must try hard to listen and not to be mean.
And most of all, to always stay on green. (it’s a classroom discipline technique her teacher does)
I’m so happy to be here and when we are done,
I hope to be telling Santa to bring lots of gifts an lots of fun.
,Love Sassy

Arden loves it and I have to read it to her like 5 times. She asked a million questions about Sassy and Santa.
Then she says “Hey, I think Sassy used your card stock. I remember seeing envelopes like this upstairs.”
(I had cut the freaking envelope in half, for goodness sake!)
Then the real kicker came when I tucked her in last night.

“You know what, Mama? Sassy writes just like you. Did you see that?”
I said I hadn’t. When she kept pressing the issue, I simply told her that we probably had the same teacher that taught us how to write.

Who does that? She’s only 5.
I’ve gotta up my game.

Sassafrass the elf copy


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