Isn’t it Ironic?

So yesterday morning I think I’m clever and I start my car with my spare key to warm it up in the driveway before taking Arden to school. Leaving my regular set to be used to lock up the house. We go and park in front of the school because it’s faster than waiting for the parade of cars to make their way to the back parking lot. We are often getting there in the knick of time, so every minute helps. I actually stay on schedule, it’s Miss Pokey that’s a challenge to get out the door. We hustle in to school before the 2nd bell rings, I help her get situated and just as I come back out to the car, I realize. I don’t have my keys. Either of them.

This is not the first time I have locked myself out of house or car without keys, but it is the first time that a spare is NOT available. BECAUSE I STUPIDLY HAVE IT! I have to call Joel from the school office phone and wait for him to drive all the way from work on the East Side. He is not excited. He is super good at A LOT of things. Breaking into cars is not one of them. We are out there freezing trying to hit the unlock button with a long metal rod for some time before one of the passers-by calls the police. They are pleasant and kind and two of them compete to see who can get the door unlocked the fastest on opposing sides of the car. They have had more practice and quickly get it done. We have to show license and registration to ensure it’s ours, but HOORAY! I’m in, no having to break down and call a locksmith and pay lots of money. The day is saved and I’m no longer allowed access to my spare key.

Fast forward to this morning. I go to pull the car into the driveway to warm up before school. I got home late from book club last night and didn’t park behind Joel since he had to leave first in the morning. I go to my car on the street and the driver’s window is busted in. I fucking kid you not. The very window that we went to lengths not to break is shattered everywhere. I am pissed. I don’t have time to sit on hold and listen to the automated voice to file a report. I have to clean up the glass as best as I possibly can quickly so I can get Arden to school. She fails to understand why people are so mean. Hell, I fail to understand it. It’s senseless and just malicious. I entertain myself with fantasies of staying up all night just waiting to bash in someone’s head with a baseball bat when they try to touch my car. But you know, then it’s premeditated and I would end up getting sued and go to jail. So its counterproductive. Laws really suck sometimes.

IMAG1046 copy

I am jolted from my daydream by an older guy that pulled over and is walking up. He says he lives on Grasmere (a couple streets over) and just wanted to tell me that they have had they same problem. Car windows smashed in if parked on the street and only in the dead of night. I tell him our street had 8 cars that got windows broke out a couple months ago, my husband’s Mustang included. He stated they have had a problem with theft too. As far as I can tell, nothing was taken from my car. With working on Hallie, the interior of my Outlander is a giant mess of disarray. Plus, with a kid it’s straight up gross. The man tells me I am lucky my stereo that Joel put in for my birthday last year wasn’t taken. But I don’t feel lucky anymore. I feel violated. I wonder what is mentally off with a person who enjoys destroying other people’s property. (Because we have also just recently dealt with a tenant completely vandalizing Joel’s house she was renting after getting evicted) I feel angry that people have the mindset that it’s okay to do bad things and a lot of times don’t get caught. I have trouble as a parent trying to explain to a 5 year old that good doesn’t always win out. She doesn’t understand why the police don’t always come to our rescue and catch the bad guys and the day is saved. It is a sad feeling.


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