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November 11, 2015

The Charm of Franklin

We’ve officially been in the new house 1 year. Well, at least had started painting it and had our first meal, sitting on the floor in the living room a year ago today. It was (and still is) a fixer-upper-in-progress. When turned over to us, it was a bit run down and A LOT dirty. We’ve put so much of ourselves in to it, to make it our own. Franklin (who I think of as a girl house, LOL.) still has a way to go, but that is usually the case with a 95 year old house. (It may be older, but the records show it was first sold in 1920. Before I go off on my litany of complaints about how the previous owners did things, let me tell you all about the awesomeness that is, The Craftsman.

I couldn’t find my ‘before’ pic that was worse, but here is the Google Earth pic.

Franklin before copy   Franklin house nov

Before we had officially closed (after the owners had moved out) I had started putting in my free-off-Craigslist stone and planting my end-of-the-season discounted plant stash and it paid off! The front flower beds look fantastic for being around such a short time. We have a garage, but I love parking out front. Walking up these 9 giant steps makes me feel fancy, like I’m about to enter a grand palace. Though I’m usually lugging a baby, with a bunch of stuff in tow, it makes it exciting to be home.

The original 9 foot wooden door was a bit marred up, but nothing several cans of metallic bronze spray paint couldn’t fix! Using this, made even the bits of wood putty and old brass kick plate look cohesive while keeping the natural wood grain.The lovely and spacious porch has only been partially painted so far, but has made a tremendous impact. The historic grey covered up the sloppy and mismatched toned tuck-pointing. The cool mint green makes the house’s accent pieces pop. The aqua blue porch ceiling is happy and relaxing when we sit out and enjoy hearing a neighbor’s band play on a porch swing that a friend was so cool to give us. My plans were that all the painting would have already been completed, but I step back and see all we accomplished thus far and try to be patient. Some day we’ll dig out the orange spray foam that the former owners used to fill in window sill cracks, (instead of replacing the wood ) and put on a slate roof to replace the current red nasty one, but the curb appeal has already been improved considerably.

Now onto the side yard.

Franklin house before side view copy  Franklin house Nov 2015 side view copy

Not as drastic a change as the front, but a much needed one. When Joel’s family came to visit his brothers and dad helped ripped out the chain link fence along the street and put up part of the wooden one. By the next week, Joel had built the back gate and we had the rest of the fence completed, then finished staining it in the Spring. It’s given us piece of mind to be able to let Arden out to play in the back yard (without wandering off!) and to have privacy when entertaining guests.

Lastly, there is the backyard, which was completely void of landscaping aside from a couple trees and some overgrown bushes. Unfortunately, I don’t have a good completed backyard pic, but here’s some snippets. We brought in a trailer load of flagstone we removed from the Dresden flower beds before the sale. (Good thing, as the new owners got rid of the rest of it!) It went to define the outer portion of the firepit, as well as to line all the bushes. More loads of mulch, dirt and bags of stone were brought in to complete the fire pit, build new flower beds and a raised garden.

Franklin backyard before copy Side view of franklin backyard in the summer 2015 copy  Backyard photo from firepit copy While there is still so much we want to work on, like tearing down the raggedy, half-assed built raised deck to put in a pergola and eventually a roof top garden on the garage (some day!) We are extremely happy with our choice to purchase this home and live in this neighborhood. We have met so many pleasant people and become the best of friends with awesome neighbors Christine and Tim down the street, who share our passion for rehabbing houses. We also have a wonderful next-door neighbor, Karen, whose frequently visiting granddaughter, is a fun little girl for Arden to play with. It’s nice to be a couple blocks from 3 parks (The Franklin Park Conservatory, Wolfe Park and Jeffery Park & Nature Trails), and to live around so many beautifully built homes. This is the first time either of us have lived somewhere that we feel like we belong.

September 18, 2013

Always looking for a deal!

One of our favorite things to do on the weekend is go to yard sales. When I say we, I mean Arden and I. Joel is always with us, but I’m pretty sure he could take it or leave it, as most of the time he doesn’t find the awesome-ness that we do. As soon as the weather starts warming, we are up and at them every Saturday. A few weeks ago, I happened across a total goldmine! The best sale I had seen yet. A church rummage sale over on the outskirts of campus. We had already been out and about and were heading home when I spotted this one. Despite being famished from our already extensive ‘saleing, Joel being the sweetest and most patient man ever, kindly obliged and pulled over.

As soon as I strode up, a friendly-looking girl working the sale came over to me. She spoke in hushed tones, letting me in on an apparent secret that a generous lady had donated a bunch of Abercrombie clothes. Saying that I could stuff whatever I wanted in a paper grocery bag for five bucks. Seriously?! Woo-hoo! She didn’t need to say more, ’cause I was off! In retrospect, I definitely should have packed my bag better, but I already felt like I was getting away with something bad and didn’t want to be greedy.

Kids clothes were separate and not as plentiful, but also the same price. This time I didn’t hesitate. If it was cute and Arden could wear it at some point in her during her childhood, then it was stuffed in the bag. The check out workers chuckled to themselves as I went to town on the clothing pile. They remarked later how I was so focused. I was getting tan from the sun, it was incredibly hot and I was about to pass out from hunger and heat, but I was so pleased with myself.

Here’s a list of my haul. Not bad for $12.00! (2 dresses were purchased at a different sale)

for me:
5 dresses (2 of which were Abercrombie and still had tags)
5 tops
1 skirt

for arden:
12 tops
1 pair of jeans
1 dress
2 pairs of shorts
6 pairs of tights
3 pairs of socks

Full view of our stash!

Full view of our stash!

Rummage sale clothes dress 1 copy

The star, showing off her new shirt. She did our hair and make-up for this fashion show

Me looking like a clown. (Many thanks to the jokester that bought Arden makeup for her birthday. )

Me looking like a clown. (Many thanks to the jokester that bought Arden makeup for her birthday. )

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