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November 15, 2013

Hallie-the-Duplex : Week 8

Our first project since moving to the inside, is to get a functioning bathroom. It would just make us feel a little more human and make the whole experience working there just a bit easier. So here we are with the first floor apartment bath. It’s a bit dirty and disheveled to say the least. The shower pipes and faucet were previous taken. The shower especially is a wreck, since they ripped a large hole in the wall (where you can see into the kitchen).

IMAG1144 copy

There’s a lot of mold and mildew in here, so most of the drywall has to go.
All the electrical is extremely old (as in not up to code) and has to be rewired.
We use this as an opportunity to put lights where we want them (like in the ceiling) as opposed to just the little sconces that were previously by the sink.

Hallie the Duplex, Week Joel putting up board copy

Over by the doorway on one strip of wall, there’s a random bit of metal, painted covered tile that has to be removed. We will probably end up mudding over the old, dry adhesive instead of attempting to sand it down.

Hallie the Duplex, Week 8 010 removing tile copy

Here’s the new moisture-resistant dry wall that went up. We will be tiling over it.

Hallie the Duplex, Week 8 0 green wall up copy

Here’s a view of the cement board that went on the floor before it also will get tiled.
There is hardwood through out the entire duplex. After previous owners bought it, they covered it all with cheap Pergo which looked terrible.
Unfortunately, both floorings were destroyed in the downstairs when the pipes burst wracking much of the havoc that you’ll see over the next few weeks. This info was provided by the water company and we are left to assume that the previous owners called it quits after that.

Finally, here’s the new tile that will go in for the bathroom floor. I super love it and it has a great subtle texture. Sort of looks like grey tweed. Getting to pick out the materials is the fun part for me! Seeing it come together is what makes it all so great!

Come back next week to see how it looks in the bathroom. 🙂

Bathroom grey floor tile copy

November 4, 2013

Hallie the Duplex : Week 6

Well, it’s been a busy week and this post is definitely coming in late. We are drawing to a close on the outside. (Thankfully!) There has been a lot of detailed tedious work and I’m ready to be done with the outdoor and get started on the inside.

Brick pillar without mortar copy

Let’s start with tuck pointing.
Here’s the brick pillar with quite a bit of mortar missing. It makes it look run down.

Filling in mortar copy

After mortar gets mixed up, it is inserted like so, into the voids of space. Then smoothed out.
It’s messy, time consuming and sort of like trying to frost a very vertical cake.

Here it is dried. Still looking a bit disheveled, because it needs cleaned up with acid, but you can see a definite improvement.

Hallie Week 6 008 copy

Next up! Joel’s been working hard putting in the glass block windows. To help seal them and also to provide a more finished look, mortar goes on around the outside. It gets scooped up, mounded on and smoothed out. Here’s a close up of a basement window and then a street view.

Hallie Week 6 003 copy

Hallie Week 6 004 copy

New down spouts have been put up, giving the outside a more residential look. It’s amazing how all these seemingly minute parts of a building come together to really give it a sense of completion and ‘home’-like feel.

Hallie Week 6 010 copy

The finished flower bed that extends along the side yard (covering up the old, broken-up cement walk)

Hallie Week 6 009 copy

Here Joel is working on repairing the steps. He fashioned a frame out of boards and braced it. It’s an awesome improvement to the steps, as large parts were previously missing due to the previous metal hand rails that were there being ripped out for scrap.

Hallie Week 6 006 copy

For the finale this evening, we have the new wooden hand railings we built. We were able to use the large posts on the left that were already in place (saving time and money!) Joel deftly crafted a duplicate out of 2 x 4’s. I worked on caulking and painting it this weekend and it looks fantastic! Can’t wait to show you guys soon. Thanks for checking out our progress!

Hallie Week 6 007 copy

September 19, 2013

Behind the scenes.

Months ago, Joel and I started a lengthy process, taking a step toward what we want our lives to be. It’s scary, it’s hard work, it’s tremendously time consuming, but it’s ours, all ours. It took tons of research and scouting locations, dealing with shady people and meeting really fantastic, upstanding ones. We want our time to be our own. For our knowledge, expertise and skills to be valued and put to good use. We want to make a difference in the city we live in.

If you have ever been in downtown Columbus, it has come an incredibly long way from where it was 15, 10, even 3 years ago. So much has been done to revitalize the area. The beautifully scenic views along the Scioto River, where folks can enjoy a stroll by the many fountains or rest on a nearby bench or porch swing. The Columbus Commons, taking a empty lot that was once the home of City Center and turning it into an outdoor Community Center. There are always activities. Exercise classes, a carousel, movies on the lawn, festivals and other events. Before that, the Campus area underwent an enormous overhaul, bringing back life to a very run-down section of town. Now, there are new apartment buildings going up all over the city, offering dazzling views and a trendy lifestyle.

But there are also many areas still that remain vacant, abandoned and desolate. Back when Joel and I worked for the Census, our job was to hit the street, collecting statistical information from the residents of our great city. What we found were streets upon streets, where only a handful of houses were actual occupied homes. Some had up to 85% of the buildings on them boarded up and deserted. I’m talking tall, beautifully constructed, regal brick buildings that once housed elegant citizens. Entire neighborhoods that were lively and well-to-do, brought to their knees by changing times. With our eyes, we see what once was and we want to bring it back.

So we dreamed and planned and yesterday, finally (after much impatience on our part) closed on our first duplex. It is overrun with vines and brush, trash, buckled floors from water damage and it even comes with our very own raccoon. But it has good bones, solid structure and two very handy people to make it right again. Last night as we celebrated, it felt like a turn in the tides. Embarking on a new adventure that we hope through this blog and photos that everyone will enjoy along with us. Eventually we are planning to acquire more. We’ve already been scheming and plotting for another. 🙂

The name of our new joint business venture and logo I designed. (I made us shirts months ago!)

The name of our new joint business venture and logo I designed. (I made us shirts months ago!)

Side view

Another side view

Another side view

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